Marketing Planning Training

Strategic Marketing Plan Development Program: A Bundle of Resources

Build your Strategic Marketing Plan in 6 Weeks

Develop your Strategic Marketing Plan around your credit union's goals and budget. Includes webinars, coaching calls & a one-on-one review of your plan.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop your marketing strategies
  • Build a marketing plan that is focused and targeted
  • Build a marketing plan to maximize budget dollars
  • Match the plan and strategies with a schedule of marketing activities
  • Tie the plan, strategies and schedule to an allocated budget
  • Create metrics/measures to track the return on investment
  • Evaluate the return on investment
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Strategic Marketing Plan Program: Self-Directed and Online

Tactical Marketing Planning for Credit Union Marketing Professionals and Credit Union Executives Responsible for Marketing

Learn how to build a tactical marketing plan at your own pace. This program is designed to help you build a marketing plan that is revenue-focused and targeted to maximize budget dollars. The program also provides techniques to measure, track and evaluate the return on your investment of marketing dollars.

Using a blend of recorded webinars, worksheets, examples and a credit union marketing manual:

  • Key Planning Priorities & Marketing Strategy: three 60-Minute Webinars
  • Specific Aspects of Putting Your Plan Together: five 60-Minute Webinars
  • Successful Marketing Strategies Targeting Credit Union Success: Downloadable E-Book
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Professional Credit Union Marketer Series II: A Four-Part Webinar Series

You get tools, tips and workable solutions that will help you navigate your marketing space to maximize results for your credit union.

You will explore new ways to use your marketing channels to uncover more leads and help reach your corporate goals. This includes these four webinars:

  • 7 Steps to Marketing Promotion that Get Results: Why Using the Magic of 7 Grabs Member Attention
  • 5 Ways to Develop New Ideas: How to Jumpstart Your Creativity for Product Development
  • 3 Things Your CEO Wants to Know about Marketing: How to Always Be Ready
  • Business Development to Keep Your CU Growing: 5 Keys to Success
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Professional Credit Union Marketer Training I: A Four-Part Webinar Series

If you are an executive responsible for marketing or the marketing professional in your organization, this workshop, with four webinars, handouts and worksheets, is designed to give you key tips and tools to stretch your budget.

Webinars include:

  • Building Marketing Credibility with Dashboard Tracking
  • Building Non-Interest Income
  • How to Buy Media in Today's Congested Marketplace
  • Creating a Sales Approach with Business Development & Community Involvement
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