The Strategic Marketing Plan Development Program:


Provides a blueprint with resources focused on generating revenues for your credit union.

You get

recorded webinars
e-learning modules
live coaching calls
8 more video webinars
PLUS worksheets & sample marketing plans

all with in-depth steps to keep you moving to completing a strategic marketing plan for the next year. With budgeting tools, marketing calendar and return on investment worksheets, you will be creating an ongoing guide to successful marketing.

You will have the blueprint to build your marketing plan including:

  • Develop your marketing strategies
  • Build a marketing plan that is focused and targeted
  • Build a marketing plan to maximize budget dollars
  • Match the plan and strategies with a schedule of marketing activities
  • Tie the plan, strategies and schedule to an allocated budget
  • Create metrics/measures to track the return on investment
  • Evaluate the return on investment

The training elements provide the guidance as a blueprint to successfully launching your marketing plan, keep on track with calendars and budgeting, and evaluating the plan as the year unfolds.

Overcome Three of the Blunders Many Credit Union Marketers Make:

Not strategically tying marketing efforts to specific credit union goals
Creating a marketing schedule rather than a substantive plan to build business
Not having tracking or measuring of results for reporting return on investment to the executive management team

3 Recorded Webinars
(Fitting on YOUR schedule)

During three, hour-long webinars, you will have the chance to learn and ask questions as each sets the next set of tasks and homework to complete for moving your plan process along. These include:

#1 The Marketing Plan Structure —
From Research to Results
Recorded webinar available, email us►
  • Marketing in the new economy is a constantly changing practice of social exchange requiring ongoing research
  • Open your mind to new methods and skills with revealing new ideas, reinforce old ones that still work, and provide a marketing foundation
  • Build upon the strategic vision with tactical methods to set the stage for your annual marketing
#2 Layering Traditional and Online Social Media
Recorded webinar available, email us►
  • Putting together marketing that is a blend of traditional and online strategies to:
    • Support the revenue goals
    • Incorporate a focus on engaged staff
    • Build deeper relationships with members
  • Expand the reach of your CU's brand by maximizing every dollar in marketing
#3 Putting the Plan Together to Impact the Bottom Line
Recorded webinar available, email us►
  • Utilizing budgeting and benchmarking
  • Steps to getting marketing plans and promotions approved
  • Tracking ideas & examples
  • Internal marketing as a key to success
  • Final Tips - Keeping marketing on track and visible


Creating Your Marketing Dashboard
Building Non-Interest Income
How to Buy Media in Today's Congested Marketplace
Creating a Sales Approach with Business Development & Community Involvement
7 Steps to Marketing Promotion
5 Ways to Develop New Ideas
3 Things Your CEO Wants You to Know about Marketing
5 Business Development Keys to Success

5 E-Learning Modules

To keep you moving through your marketing plan process, you will receive e-learning modules every week that dovetail with what you learned in the live webinars. These include:

Exclusive e-Learning Course Exclusive e-Learning Course Exclusive e-Learning Course Exclusive e-Learning Course Exclusive e-Learning Course Exclusive e-Learning Course

3 Live Coaching Calls

Included are a series of live Coaching Calls with us, once every two weeks, where we get on a live class together that takes about 90 minutes. The benefit is working together to discuss the ideas, worksheets and tasks as you work through the process to help guide you on how to best support your credit union's goals.

In 6 weeks gain the confidence to create your annual plan, email us!

BONUS! Get a review of your written plan by our coaches to uncover any other helpful ideas!

At the end of the program, you can have one of our coaches review your plan to provide input and guidance on ideas. Having created hundreds of marketing plans for clients of all asset sizes, you have the benefit of having a review that continues to enhance your work!

✔ Yes
I'm serious about learning your proven system to create a strategic marketing plan in 6 weeks and take our credit union to the next level!

So using our tools and blueprint style, you'll end up with:

  • An effective and thorough Strategic Marketing Plan with annual calendar and budget
  • The knowledge of how to put that plan together and evaluate the ROI
  • A variety of Marketing Planning handouts to keep track all year long of results
  • The four "Marketing Professional" webinars to review for more ideas
  • Additional handouts and worksheets that keep your marketing organized

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