Professional Credit Union Marketer- Recorded Webinars Series II

Focus on Improving Marketing Performance

Nicolette Lemmon,
CUMU Founder

Is your marketing department constantly bombarded with too many things to do, and not enough time to get them all done? Or are you THE marketing department, like a one-man-band? With all the changes in the media landscape and digital space, do you feel you need to know more before shifting your budget to new choices? Do you feel pressured to show the results of your marketing dollars, yet find it difficult to defend yourself when you can't provide specific numbers?

We totally understand, because that's where we live and breathe every day! It's the crazy, sometimes cluttered, overwhelming and demanding world of marketing!

In the 2015 Professional Credit Union Marketer Series, you will find tools, tips and workable solutions that will help you navigate your marketing space to maximize results for your credit union. You will explore new ways to use your marketing channels to uncover more leads and make you the hero in helping reach your corporate goals!

The 2015 Professional Credit Union Marketer Series includes topics for focusing on helping improve marketing performance and to make your job easier. Click on the title to read more:

The purpose of these workshops is to give you the information, ideas, worksheets and resources to make it easier to operate as the professional marketer that you are!


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If you missed the first 4-part Professional Credit Union Marketer Series in 2014, the webinar workshops listed below are recorded and available on demand. Click here for more detailed descriptions of these recorded webinars.

If you want access to order the 2015 Professional Credit Union Marketer Series, and listen to the 2014 Professional Credit Union Marketer Series webinar workshops, you can get both Series, a total of 8 webinars, for $249! Email us at if you want all eight webinars at the discounted rate.

7 Steps to Marketing Promotion that Get Results: Why Using the Magic of 7 Grabs Member Attention

In this workshop, you will learn how to set up your marketing to make sure your message is in front of members at least 7 times with these tips:

  1. Traditional touches: how to cover the bases to keep consistency and not rely totally on digital
  2. Digital touches: a great way to have your message be seen
  3. E-Marketing touches: one way to treat the inbox as a more personal communication
  4. Website touches: the two-click solution to get more leads
  5. Social Media touches: the way to coordinate the messaging
  6. Marketing Budget: a rule of thumb to focus your dollars
  7. Tracking: a final step in perfecting your strategy

5 Ways to Develop New Ideas: How to Jumpstart Your Creativity for Product Development

If you have ever felt brain dead, or maybe just challenged, to find new ways to develop ideas for your credit union, in this workshop, you can get the techniques to get moving with:

  1. The 5 Questions to Start
  2. Understanding Creativity
  3. The Notebook of Ideas
  4. The Brainstorm Rules
  5. Collaboration for Success

3 Things Your CEO Wants to Know about Marketing: How to Always Be Ready

Everyone wants to be prepared for anything when the CEO walks into their office or up to their desk. Here are the three things that will help you be ready to discuss your marketing performance:

  1. Member Profitability
  2. Marketing Return on Investment
  3. The Numbers from the Current Promo

Business Development to Keep Your CU Growing: 5 Keys to Success

In the incredibly competitive marketplace, there is still a lot of value in connecting with employed people as part of a business development strategy. In this workshop you'll learn:

  1. Treating business development as sales
  2. The key numbers that need to be tracked for success
  3. A way to engage people in the workplace
  4. Finding the ambassadors inside a company
  5. Using an advisory board

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