Professional Credit Union Marketer Series I, Tough Marketers

A Four-Part Recorded Webinar Series

Creating Your Marketing Budget, Benchmarks & Dashboard for Tracking

Designed to give you these reporting tools:

  • Show results of Marketing's contribution
  • Create tracking worksheets to compare with past results
  • Easily update and print reports to send each month or specific reporting periods

Worksheets discussed include:

  • Marketing Budget, creating a match-back system for plan vs. actual and the forecasted spend
  • Marketing Cost Recovery, for forecasting the business needed to recover the marketing investment
  • Return on Marketing Investment, for reporting results and promotions
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Building Non-Interest Income - Generating Revenue While Having Your Members Value Your Brand

In this session participants get tips about building non-interest income by capitalizing on the:

  • Value of Partners
  • Value of Financial Advisors
  • Value of Protection
  • Value of of Easy Banking
  • Value of Financial Management Help

Additional tips about maximizing marketing dollars by:

  • Creating the Win/Win for the Member
  • List of Vendors for Revenue & Negotiating
  • Utilizing Vendor Marketing Materials
  • Spreadsheet for Calendaring Vendor Promotion
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How to Buy Media in Today's Congested Marketplace

This workshop is designed to help you create strategies that work for addressing empowered consumers as well as addressing the ever-evolving technologies and options which are redefining how advertising is sold, created, consumed and tracked.
You'll hear from our faculty and a guest speaker: Lori Perkins, who has been an Account Executive at Comcast Spotlight, the advertising division of Comcast, since 2004. Lori will discuss how having cable as part of your media mix has expanded to online options such as having video pre-roll on popular websites and inline video commercials on the email login page. She is a winner of Comcast Spotlight's President's Club award for the top 1% of the company's advertising sales team. Comcast Corporation, formerly registered as Comcast Holdings, is the largest mass media and communications company in the world by revenue. It is the largest cable company and home Internet service provider in the United States.
Making sure to have the right mix of media and marketing messages will assist in the flow of prospects and new members. You'll hear about:

  • Organizing a Media Buy - Using Tools Like Excel Worksheets
  • 4 Influencers Changing the Advertising Industry
  • Who to Target - Review Your Market
  • Planning the Buy - Traditional Media to Reach Your Target
  • Planning the Buy - Online Media to Expand Your Reach
  • Adding PR - Building a Positive Image with the Public

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Creating a Sales Approach with Business Development & Community Involvement

This session will provide helpful tools and ideas to develop the sales strategy and processes to maintain the focus on nurturing SEG and community relationships and tracking results, including:

  • Business Development to Attract Employed New Members
  • Best Practice (Branch Manager Outreach)
  • Best Practice (Community Involvement)
  • Support Community-Based Events & Organizations
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