Mentoring & Coaching for Supervisors & Managers

Building Your Management Team: A 3-Part Webinar Series

  • Is your management team all on the same page?
  • Are young managers mentored to build success skills?
  • Does your team have the communication skills to achieve better results?
  • Do your managers know how to "coach-up" your staff?

These 45-minute webinars provide the tools for building a talented management team and empowered culture that is engaged for achieving goals. Also, they're recorded for you to view again up to 90 days!

This 3-part quick start webinar workshop series is for credit union Supervisors and Managers tasked with achieving results. These three workshops offer Supervisors and Managers tools:

  1. Reaching New Heights through Mentoring Others (Recorded Webinar Available >>)
    • Helping Set the Course for Achievement

  2. Coaching to Enhance Your Team's Performance (Recorded Webinar Available >>)
    • The Tools to Build Optimal Performance

  3. Learning the Communication Game to Win at Work (Recorded Webinar Available >>)
    • Understanding Verbal & Nonverbal Cues, Resolving Conflict, & More

Sign up for one webinar workshop at $49, or get all three in the series for $99; and you get one free! Every webinar is recorded and you have access to them up to 90 days.

To register for the "Mentoring & Coaching for Supervisors" webinar series, email us.

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