Marketing Management Webinar Series

Marketing Management for Your Success - How to Be More Productive, Creative and Successful

Are you feeling pressured and stretched by all of the marketing, sales, training or business development projects? Do you feel you don't have time to plan and do what you feel is best? In these three workshops you will learn ways to hone 3 key skill areas to get better results and thrive in your work! The three workshops are:

  1. Improving Project & Time Management Skills (Recorded Webinar Available >>)
    • Five steps to get more done and have time for new ideas or projects and these takes minutes to use and save you hours of time
  2. Enhancing Your Creativity in High Pressure Situations (Recorded Webinar Available >>)
    • Three jumpstarts that expand your ability to "bring it" to every challenge and quickly formulate your best ideas
  3. Understanding How to Communicate Results to Other Personality Types (Recorded Webinar Available >>)
    • Four personalities you need to know to get your ideas approved, work more effectively with managers, and three sensory styles to understand how to successfully present to them

These 3 workshops will help you hone 3 key skill areas: Productivity, Creativity and Communication!

Sign up for one webinar workshops at $49, or get all three in the series at $98; and you get one free! Every webinar is recorded and you have access to them up to 90 days.

To register for the "Marketing Management Webinar Series" webinar series, select "Register for this Special" below, and fill out a web form to request login credentials via email.

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