Recorded Webinar Series

About You, Inc. - Success Tips to Manage Your Career

Launch Your Career and Achieve Your Goals: A 2-Part Webinar Series

  • What are your career goals?
  • What is your vision of success?
  • Where do you want to be in 1, 3 or 5 years?
  • Do you know the tips and tools to market yourself for success?

This 2-part webinar program will give you the tools to put together the plan for achieving your goals and provide tips to launch yourself into career success!

This series is for anyone just getting started as well as those feeling stuck, wondering what to do to move forward in their career.

  1. The Plan to Get Moving

    • Start with Your Goals and Vision for Success and Use the Worksheets & Tips to Put Your Plan into Motion

  2. How to Manage You, Inc.

    • Tools to Launch Yourself to Fulfill Your Dreams

Mentoring & Coaching for Supervisors & Managers

Building Your Management Team: A 3-Part Webinar Series

  • Is your management team all on the same page?
  • Are young managers mentored to build success skills?
  • Does your team have the communication skills to achieve better results?
  • Do your managers know how to "coach-up" your staff?

This 3-part quick start webinar workshop series is for credit union Supervisors and Managers tasked with achieving results. These 45-minute webinars provide the tools for building a talented management team and empowered culture that is engaged for achieving goals.

  1. Reaching New Heights through Mentoring Others

    • Helping Set the Course for Achievement

  2. Coaching to Enhance Your Team's Performance

    • The Tools to Build Optimal Performance

  3. Learning the Communication Game to Win at Work

    • Understanding Verbal & Nonverbal Cues, Resolving Conflict, & More

Marketing Management Webinar Series

How to Be More Productive, Creative and Successful

Marketing Management for Your Success - Are you feeling pressured and stretched by all of the marketing, sales, training or business development projects? Do you feel you don't have time to plan and do what you feel is best? In these three workshops you will learn ways to hone 3 key skill areas to get better results and thrive in your work!

  1. Improving Project & Time Management Skills

    • Five steps to get more done and have time for new ideas or projects - these takes minutes to use and save you hours of time

  2. Enhancing Your Creativity in High Pressure Situations

    • Three jumpstarts that expand your ability to "bring it" to every challenge and quickly formulate your best ideas

  3. Understanding How to Communicate Results to Other Personality Types

    • Four personalities you need to know to get your ideas approved, work more effectively with managers, and three sensory styles to understand how to successfully present to them

These workshops will give you processes and worksheets you can use right away, with examples to help you get down to business right away!

Marketing Plan Framework Webinar Series

Not Seeing the Results From Your Marketing?

Organizing marketing functions, prioritizing marketing tasks, budgeting for marketing expenses, & tracking results of marketing efforts is key to getting results from your marketing.

This 4-part quick-start webinar workshop series is for credit union marketers/execs tasked with achieving results. These four workshops offer the tools to keep you moving forward with making sure your marketing is on track.

  1. Organizing

    • Pulling Together the Strategic Initiatives, Corporate Goals & More with Three Worksheets

  2. Prioritizing

    • Matching Marketing Solutions to Corporate Goals: A Three-Step Process

  3. Budgeting

    • Making Every Marketing Dollar Work Hard: Three-Step Worksheet

  4. Tracking

    • Focusing on Marketing By the Numbers with Three Worksheets

These workshops will give you processes and worksheets you can use right away, with examples to help you get down to business right away!

Branding to Achieve Growth Goals Webinar Series

In today's digital driven marketplace, you must deliver extraordinary customer experiences that support your brand story — the reason someone should do business with your credit union.

Every day you are bombarded with "messages" in your email, online and on your phone. But Marketing is about building a relationship with someone to get them ready to buy. So, if your credit union is not achieving desired results, or you believe your brand is not well defined to compete effectively in this congested marketplace, join us for this three-part webinar series.

In these 30-minute workshops, you will recraft branding messages that will get your credit union poised to hit and surpass your annual goals. Learn to highlight your competitive edge and create an emotional reaction with members and prospective members. Sign up for one webinar at $49, or get all three in the series at $98; and you get one free!

  1. How to Map the Member Journey
  2. How to Determine the Competitive Advantage of Your Credit Union
  3. How to Develop the Brand Story and Positioning Foundation

These are fast-paced workshops meant to give you immediate steps to take with worksheets and examples to help you get down to business right away!

Professional Credit Union Marketer Series; Improving Marketing Performance
A Four-Part Webinar Series

Is your marketing department constantly bombarded with too many things to do, and not enough time to get them all done? Or are you THE marketing department, like a one-man-band? With all the changes in the media landscape and digital space, do you feel you need to know more before shifting your budget to new choices? Do you feel pressured to show the results of your marketing dollars, yet find it difficult to defend yourself when you can't provide specific numbers?

We totally understand, because that's where we live and breathe every day! It's the crazy, sometimes cluttered, overwhelming and demanding world of marketing!

In this series, you will find tools, tips and workable solutions that will help you navigate your marketing space to maximize results for your credit union. You will explore new ways to use your marketing channels to uncover more leads and make you the hero in helping reach your corporate goals!
The four webinars topics include:

  1. Seven (7) Steps to Marketing Promotion that Get Results: Why Using the Magic of 7 Grabs Member Attention
  2. Five (5) Ways to Develop New Ideas: How to Jumpstart Your Creativity for Product Development
  3. Three (3) Things Your CEO Wants to Know about Marketing: How to Always Be Ready
  4. Five (5) Business Development Keys to Success to Keep Your CU Growing

Professional Credit Union Marketer Series: The 4 "Always On" Marketing Strategies
A Four-Part Webinar Series

Mobile technology has created the need to be "always on" to engage members and prospective members. The 4 "Always On" Marketing Strategies including The Reminder, The New Member, The Cross-Sell, and The "Next Product" Strategies. This is a 4-part webinar series for credit union executives responsible for the credit union brand and marketing strategy.
The Four Webinars include:

  1. The Reminder Strategy: 3 Targeted Marketing and E-marketing Tactics
  2. The New Member Onboarding Strategy: 3 Ways to Move More to Your CU
  3. The Cross-Sell Support Strategy: 3 Business Enhancing Suggestive Sells
  4. The Next Product Strategy: 3 Special Targets for Marketing

Professional Credit Union Marketer Series I, Tough Marketers :
A Four-Part Webinar Series

These webinars/workshops are designed to give you these reporting tools:

  • Show results of your marketing efforts
  • Create tracking worksheets to compare with past results
  • Provide reporting tools that can be updated each month
The worksheets you will be able to download include:
  • Marketing Budget, creating a match-back system for plan vs. actual and the forecasted spend
  • Marketing Cost Recovery, for forecasting the business needed to recover the marketing investment
  • Return on Marketing Investment, for reporting results and promotions
  • New Customer/Member Acquisition Cost, for determining the average cost to acquire a new member

The four webinars include:

  1. Creating Your Marketing Budget, Benchmarks & Dashboard for Tracking
  2. Building Non-Interest Income: While Having Your Members Value Your Brand
  3. How to Buy Media in Today's Congested Marketplace
  4. Creating a Sales Approach with Business Development & Community Involvement

Marketing by the Numbers Webinar Series: From CU Financials to Return on Investment (ROI)
A Four-Part Webinar Series

When the CFO provides input on what needs to be the focus for achieving credit union goals, whether it's to generate interest or fee income, grow assets or to attract low-cost deposits, it is important to understand why. If you are responsible for marketing in your organization, this workshop is designed to give you an understanding of the relationship between the marketing function and financial reporting. You will learn:

  • The Impact of Marketing Effectiveness on Financial Ratios
  • The basics of ALCO
  • What to Ask Accounting to Focus the Next Promotion
The handouts (worksheet tools) you will receive include:
  • Ratio Method of Computation
  • Ratio Components
  • Marketing Cost Recovery
Join us in this four-part webinar series to learn more about the financials that drive decisions in marketing as well as how to track your results:
  1. Three (3) Ways the CU Financials Impact Marketing Decisions
  2. Four (4) Ways to Build Tracking into Marketing: ROI and Dashboard Session
  3. Ten (10) Data Points to Watch for Your Credit Union: With & Without MCIF
  4. Three (3) Keys to Non-Interest Income: Fees, Partners; The Payments Model

Membership Growth
A Four-Part Webinar Series

If you want to learn how to differentiate your credit union to enhance membership growth, you must put time and thought into creating raving fans or cheerleaders that tell others about your credit union. Understanding the member journey when getting financial services at your credit union is vital. If you are operating as an order-taking organization where anyone who walks into your branch or calls on the phone or visits your website is treated the same as every other visitor, you are probably not getting the growth you need to stay up with attrition.

Most importantly, by developing great member experiences with staff trained to understand serving different generations and handling life situations, you will not experience the big membership increases that will support your future goals.

  1. The "Care" Team: Connecting with Stressed Members in Difficult Times
  2. The Wealth Management Team: Connecting with Busy Members by Appointment
  3. The Concierge: Connecting with Aging Members
  4. The Chat: Connecting with Prospects Online & Young People on Mobile

In this webinar series, you will dive into ways to create better member journeys based on specific target groups that will enhance membership growth. Of the four webinars, you can choose just one or participate in the whole series.

The Card Marketing Webinar Series: Market Credit Cards & Debit Cards for Revenue Results
A Three-Part Webinar Series

This 3-part webinar series will give you tips and marketing strategies to enhance your card portfolios and increase non-interest income, balances and interest income! Learn the best ways to market your credit cards in today's congested marketplace. What about your Debit Card interchange income? Want to know how to get members using their cards more often? This 3-part webinar series includes:

  1. Five Do's and Don'ts for Credit Card Balance Transfers; Campaigns
  2. Three Tips to Get More Cards Working for Your Credit Union
  3. Four Ideas for Credit and Debit Cards; Opening the Account-Just the Start

Professional Credit Union Marketer Series II: Digital Skillset
A Three-Part Webinar Series

Do you need a more hands-on approach to some of the digital skills needed to make the most of your marketing?
As a credit union marketer, having multiple skills is now a requirement! Even when using marketing agencies, media reps and other industry reps, making decisions and understanding how new channels fit into your marketing strategy is not enough.
To really be comfortable in marketing across search, mobile, social, content, analytics, web, PR and email marketing, you need the skillset to be able to talk about these with the CEO and C-Suite team.
Three new Professional Marketer Skillset Modules:

  • Digital Advertising for Prospecting
  • Social Media Branding, Content & Advertising
  • The Keys to Better E-Marketing
You get the "how to" piece that helps you make better decisions for your marketing budget and target market. Included in each module are:
  • A live webinar,
  • A downloadable e-learning module, in the form of a PDF and
  • An optional one-on-one telephonic coaching session.

Reaching Members Online Webinar Series: How to Set a Clear Online Marketing Strategy
A Four-Part Webinar Series

If you are responsible for marketing or responsible for your website and your member's digital experience, this series is designed to give you tips and tools to enhance your marketing to members online as well as their digital experience. The series offers 22 ways to capture members online and secrets that you can use immediately.
The Four Webinars:

  1. 3 Must-Haves for Your Website
  2. 4 Ways to Enhance Your Email Marketing
  3. 5 Digital Advertising Opportunities
  4. 10 Ways to Manage Social Media Content

Building Relationships with Cross-Selling Webinar Series
A Three-Part Webinar Series

Are your credit union goals going to be increased this year? Build member relationships and enhance the cross-selling by your front-line by jumpstarting now with great training ideas in our new webinar series.
The three webinars topics include:

  1. Three Reasons Cross-Selling Fails and Ways to Retrain Your Staff to Cross-Sell Effectively
  2. Five Steps to Helping Your Staff Consultative Sell So That Your Members Won't Even Know They've Been Cross-Sold!
  3. Three Steps to Building Profitable Member Relationships; Educating Front Line Staff About Their Contribution to the Bottom Line

Cross Selling Best Practices Webinar Series
A Four-Part Webinar Series

For Managers & Supervisors Who Are Responsible for Cross-Selling, Corporate Culture and/or Training

If you have an established cross-selling program or thinking of starting one, the best way to keep staff moving forward is to incorporate best practices. In 4 one-hour workshops, you will be introduced to successful cross-selling ideas. While conducting cross-selling training and working with credit union clients through the years, we have found that cross-selling training of staff members, in the long run, will not be as effective without frequent coaching and updates.
The Four Webinars:

  1. Develop Your Cross-Selling Culture: 5 Best Practices
  2. Cross Selling the Stressed Member: 4 Techniques
  3. Motivate Your Female Staff to Cross-Sell: 10 Ideas
  4. Generate More Revenue with Every Cross-Sell: 3 Techniques

Coaching for Managers & Supervisors Webinar Series
A Four-Part Webinar Series

with Guest Speaker, Lee Brice, former SVP Strategy at a multi-billion dollar credit union

Communication is the key to being the best coach or mentor to staff members. During this session you will learn techniques to monitor and track behavior and enhance your coaching skills to: Modify your personality style to be more effective, Improve your "active listening" skills, Use questions to enable the staff member to convince themselves, Know what three questions to always have ready, and more.

The goals of the credit union will be more easily met when the supervisors and staff have sufficient tools and moreover, when they have an understanding of how to use those tools as part of their normal workday.

In 4 one-hour workshops, participants will learn how important coaching is to a successful cross-selling environment. We have found that many managers and supervisors have been promoted without having the benefit of coaching. Without the buy-in, emphasis, and attention of supervisors and managers, the cross-selling training of staff members will not be as effective or long-lasting.

From observation and feedback, to monitoring and tracking approaches for coaches, these sessions are designed to help structure the supervisors (coaches) efforts with staff members. In addition, understanding the change model and conflict management are covered as necessary skills for supervisors in overcoming employee resistance to change. The Four Webinars:

  1. Conflict Management: 4 Key Ways to Calm and Get Results
  2. Change Management: 3 "Moves" to Use on Staff Who are Stuck
  3. Coaching to Enhance Performance: 4 Ways to Motivate
  4. One-Minute Cross-Sell Coach: 3 Cross-Sell Coaching Tools

The Credit Union of the Future Webinar Series
A Four-Part Webinar Series

Rethink Your Reality — Strategically, Competitively, Operationally, & Culturally

Are you considering strategies to help reinvent your credit union? A guide for CEOs, C-suite managers and management teams struggling to find relevance in this high FinTech and competitive environment. Join us to discuss ideas of how to begin now. Four Webinars to rethink your Credit Union's reality:

  1. Strategically: 3 Blocks to Success & the Shifts to Make
  2. Competitively: 3 Ways to Make Your CU's Brand Stand Out
  3. Operationally: 3 Steps to Focus on the Member Journey to Create a Win/Win
  4. Culturally: 4 Hocus Pocus Focus Ways to Make Your Environment Fun & Productive

Complimentary Webinars

In addition to our webinar series, LemmonTree Marketing offers free, complimentary webinars on marketing-related topics, including:

  • Let's Get Personal: 3 Ways You Lose Touch & 3 Ways to Re-engage with Members
  • Do You Speak Millennial, or, How Millennial, X-er, or Boomer Are You?
  • Are You Marketing Yourself for Success?
  • Changing Up Your Marketing to Attract New Members; 10 Ideas in 30 Minutes!

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