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"3 Killer Marketing Hacks for Your Credit Union Success!"

If you are feeling jammed with daily projects or overwhelmed with new projects, listen to this complimentary webinar! You will hear about these three "hacks:"

  1. Create a Swipe File: Set up in a directory labeled for different types of promotions, social media and offers that struck a chord with you at the time you saw them.
  2. Don't Ignore Tracking: Keeping tabs on your results to be ready to talk about them with senior management.
  3. Dump DIY: Find more time for focus and managing your marketing with senior managers by hiring professionals who provide quality solution to make you a success.

Plus, you'll get a sample of the information, training and tools that you can expect from our other recorded webinars and programs.

For example, Credit Union Marketing University has 45 one-hour recorded webinars, including twelve webinar series of 3 or 4 webinars per series. You can sign up for them individually or we offer an All-Access Pass for $99!

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Intrigued? You can also listen to one of our other complimentary recorded webinars by clicking here to get a "taste" of the tips, tools and ideas that you will gain from our simple webinar format.

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