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New! 2015 Marketing Plan Development Program

Build your 2015 Marketing Plan in 6 Weeks - around your credit union's goals

Are you aligning your Marketing Plan with the credit union goals, Business Plan and Strategic Plan? Do you want to focus on revenue production and/or cutting costs?

The 2015 Marketing Planning program is a blend of learning modules, live webinars, 90-minute live group coaching calls and a final review. Learn more >>

Fall 2014 Webinar Series: Coaching for Managers & Supervisors

The goals of the credit union will be more easily met when the supervisors and staff have sufficient tools. In 4 one-hour workshops, participants will learn how important coaching is to a successful cross-selling environment and they will have the tools to incorporate into their normal workday. Learn more >>

Recorded Spring 2014 Webinar Series: In Tough Times, the Tough Marketers Focus on ROI

A tough economy requires more marketing savvy. Don't let the highly competitive marketplace stop your credit union from building member business. Credit Union professionals can turn to Credit Union Marketing University's new series of webinars. You can view any or all four webinars to get useful tools to manage marketing with more financial awareness. If you missed the live webinars, it's not too late! You can still see and hear all four sessions, receive the handouts and communicate with the presenters! Learn more  >>

Recorded, No Cost Webinar: Do You Speak Millennial...Or, How Millennial, X-er, or Boomer Are You?

Credit unions have the potential to capture their members’ financial services for a lifetime relationship. The Millennial/Gen Y and Baby Boom are two of the largest generations impacting our credit union memberships today. The growing Millennial/ Gen Y mirrors the size of the Baby Boom as the original Baby Boomers have moved into their senior years. At the same time, Gen X is in the prime lending and investing years. This presentation focuses on the strategies to use for capturing and building relationships across all generations. Learn more  >>

Successful Marketing StrategiesStrengthen Your Marketing Strategy

Need to strengthen your marketing strategy? Our manual, Successful Marketing Strategies, is full of quality marketing ideas and information. Included is the valuable Virtual Marketing Professor CD with worksheets and examples of marketing cost recovery calculation, marketing plans and return on investment tools. The manual was provided as the workbook and text to students in our week-long program CU Marketing University.>>Order now

Are You Keeping Up With the Latest Marketing Trends?Be a Trendspotter
Visit our MyMarketingInsights.com for updates on marketing trends and other helpful tips and strategies to think about that are relevant to your marketing efforts.

If you're craving more marketing trends and strategy, sign up for free Marketing Tips from our marketing consulting partner, LemmonTree Marketing Group, at Marketing Tips!

"The issues facing credit union professionals today surround how different services marketing is from product marketing. The faculty highlights the nuances of how to strategically market financial services in this economy. More importantly, we focus on how to protect the core of the profitable membership and drive better bottom line results while setting the lead generation for next year!"

Nicolette Lemmon
Credit Union Marketing University
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